100,000 Euros at stake in the TCR Trophy Europe

100,000 Euros at stake in the TCR Trophy Europe

The TCR Trophy Europe will award €100,000 prize money that will be split among the top six drivers in the final classification.
The winner will receive €30,000 while €20,000, €18,000 and €12,000 will be awarded to the drivers finishing the season between second and fourth positions respectively. Finally, both the fifth and sixth placed drivers will win €10,000 each.
Points for the Trophy will be awarded on the basis of the points scored by the eligible drivers during each event as follows: 25 points to the first, 18 to the second, 15 to the third and then 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 to the positions between fourth and tenth.
Only the best four scores will be taken into account for the final classification.
The drivers eligible to score points in the Trophy are only the full-season entries in one of the following championships: TCR Benelux, TCR Germany, TCR Italy, TCR Portugal, TCR Russia and TCR Spain. 

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