Barcelona Qualifying – Quotes from the Paddock

Barcelona Qualifying – Quotes from the Paddock

Tom Coronel (fastest): “Okay, pole position sounds good but Pauwels was faster in Q1. The pole position is always good because that’s what counts for the races. I had a good lap and in the last two corners I started to back off a little bit because I was up half a second but I didn’t know that I was slowing down a little bit too much, so it’s a pity that I lost a little bit of time. But everything feels good.”


Kobe Pauwels (second): “That session was a good one for me, but not 100% easy. Q1 was really good; I got a good lap together with no mistakes and this put me on a 48.8 I think. In Q2 the lap felt good as well, I made no big mistakes again but I made some small mistakes, a few hundredths here and there, which make a difference to P1. But there’s nothing lost yet. I’m pretty happy with my result in general; we’ve shown we’ve got the pace and we normally have good starts, so it’s not over yet.”


John Filippi (third): “That was quite a difficult session for me. The first run was on used tyres, so I knew that I wasn’t going to set a time that was on the pace, it was just to get through to Q2. The first run on new front tyres was okay but we had a big balance issue with very used tyres on the rear, so I decided for Q2 to put fresher tyres on the rear and new tyres on the front and the balance changed again so I missed the first lap. If you take all my best sectors I would have been playing with P1, but I didn’t anticipate enough the changes in balance of the car.”


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