Barcelona Race 1: Quotes from the podium

Barcelona Race 1: Quotes from the podium

Kobe Pauwels (winner): “That was not an easy one, for sure. I had a very good start and I overtook Tom, which was the target, as we know that Tom has 34 years of experience under his belt and once you are behind him, overtaking him is very unlikely. So we knew we had to push at the start and I had a really good launch; I was really focused on my handbrake release and the release of the Launch Control and I managed to overtake him before Turn 1. Then I slowed down in the hope that there were some battles behind that I could get a bigger gap or at least see Tom drop back to P3 because in the end it’s all about the Championship tomorrow and I had to take as many points off him as possible. In the end, that didn’t work out but I’m still super happy with P1 and P1 Rookie – that was one target done today and the next one we will fight for tomorrow.”


Tom Coronel (second): “That was a good one! The car felt very strong and the speed was there, especially in the first three laps, it was really challenging. But Kobe was defending so much that I thought ‘okay, be clever and take the points’ because that’s what the Championship is about and that’s how I finished P2. In the last few laps, when you get close to him, especially in the last few corners you lose a little bit of downforce on the front so you start to feel the scrub with the tyres and you don’t want to kill the tyres for the last laps. But no, I felt good; the car was strong and everything was under control. I just tried to be clever. The plan tomorrow is race, race and race!”


John Filippi (third): “I don’t have anything exciting to report! I was expecting more action on track, not on my side but from the others. But it was very calm, just scoring the points and at the end there was nothing more I could do. This track with the new configuration, in the last two corners you lose the downforce when you are close to the car in front and then you’re not close enough for the straight to take a slipstream and attack in Turn 1, so it’s very difficult to overtake here. I don’t really know what I can do tomorrow; I have to check with the team but for sure we keep with the plan to win the race because it’s the last race of the year and so that’s the race you remember in the off-season!”


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