Dániel Nagy: I won again Race 1, but it was not easy!

Dániel Nagy: I won again Race 1, but it was not easy!

“It was much harder than it may have seemed from the outside. After the first race I was not happy at all. I was really cautious at the beginning of Race 2, maybe a little too much. I was dropping back, but then I was quite lucky in some manoeuvres; there was some contacts, some crashes ahead of me so I could catch the front pack. We were so close together, Comte, Homola, Davidovski and myself, and I was trying to avoid contact with my teammate, but I couldn’t be too cautious with Mat’o as we were fighting for the free tyres.
“There is a system which penalises you during qualifying. If you go over the limit, your lap time is automatically deleted, which works for qualifying, but that automatic system is too harsh for the races. I was trying to follow the same limits in the races as in qualifying, but if I was over the limit I was backing off and making it clear I was not taking advantage, but I think there will be  a lot of work to do for the officials.
“Some people wrote to me saying it’s so easy as you’re winning the qualifying and the first races, but I want to make this clear, every time you need to prepare and need to practice a lot. There are some drivers who are really pushing hard, my Hungarians fellows, my teammate and Gilles Magnus.
“Yes, I won the qualifying again in the first race, but it was not easy, as Mat’o was pushing me constantly, so I have to do a lot of preparation for Zolder to stay in front.”

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