Driver quotes after the first race

Driver quotes after the first race

Dušan Borković (1st): “We have struggled a little bit since Paul Ricard with the BoP and the Compensation Weight, but everyone is in a similar position. I knew that it would be our turn again this weekend because the circuit suits the power we have as there not so many straights here. When we had the wet conditions in Qualifying, I was worried because I had never driven the car in the wet and my team had not done any testing in the wet. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew we wouldn’t be P1. There were some drivers faster than me and among them was Azcona, my main rival for the championship. I was driving using the dry places on the circuit and I made some clean overtaking moves. I was careful under braking and I think I managed really well.”

Stian Paulsen (2nd): “This is actually my first podium in any TCR championship, so I’m very happy about it! It was a very hard race but these are my favourite conditions, when it’s wet and we’re on slicks. There was a lot of fighting going on around me but I managed to stay out of trouble; I actually let a few people pass me because I wanted to avoid contacts. It turned out really well and I’m really happy to have finished P2. I’m happy for my boys and my sponsors – I’ve been working so hard over the last two years and I’ve been managing on not much sleep. This was actually the first race I came to feeling prepared and I was relaxed. Everything really worked out. To go from P12 to P2 again tomorrow will be really difficult but if I can finish in the top five I will be really happy.”

Daniel Nagy (3rd): “It was an amazingly tricky race but I think you could see that from the outside as well! I made a good start because I was on the drier line and I was able to overtake something like three cars before the first corner. Then I had a big slide and after that I was struggling with my pace, so I lost a few positions. I knew I had to change something because I knew otherwise I would keep dropping back. It was a very tricky last lap because I could see drivers in front of me going into Turn 1 like crazy! Everybody was trying to brake too late so it wasn’t easy, but I think it was a good decision from me to brake safely and I think I also had some luck because they were touching and making contact. I know it’s part of the game, so you have to be lucky sometimes. This aspect of the sport is always important and today I was lucky to be P3 at the end. I’m really happy for the team because after seventh position I didn’t even think I could be on the podium.”

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