Le Castellet Qualifying: Quotes from the drivers

Le Castellet Qualifying: Quotes from the drivers

Teddy Clairet (fastest): “Qualifying was difficult because, as you could see, it was tight between everyone in Q2. It’s my first pole position in TCR so I’m really happy about that because we’ve improved a lot since the first race in Slovakia. I’m really happy to come back here and to be on pole. I think we made the correct adjustments to the car, we know this track but we didn’t know that much about the tyres. It was a bad weekend for us three weeks ago and so we tried to learn from our mistakes in Slovakia. It’s going to be difficult looking after the tyres here, but it’s going to be the same for everyone. We will be pushing and then we will see.”

Mehdi Bennani (2nd): “Like every time, Qualifying was a big fight. Some drivers give us a hard time coming from WTCR but it’s nice to have such a competitive championship. We were fighting a lot at the end to get ahead of the Peugeot but he beat us by one tenth. But we are there, I am having fun and we try to see. I’m also happy with all the results from the team, especially for Sami because we are almost the same lap time. The goal in the race is to make a good start and see where we are. I want to get clear because I think it’s going to be a big fight; we are struggling with understeer so I think there will be big battles until the end.”

Felice Jelmini (3rd): “This is a very strong result for all the team, so I’m very happy but particularly for Mehdi because we put his car in second position. I prefer to put new tyres on the front and warm them up before I put on the rears. With my driving style, I think it’s better but I think in terms of the lap times it’s quite similar. I don’t know where we will be strong here, to be honest. Our car is fast on the straight, but so is the Peugeot and the other guys. I think Azcona will be fast during the races and so I have no strategy - we have to be clever within the team and not fight with each other.”

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