Le Castellet Race 2: Quotes from the Podium

Le Castellet Race 2: Quotes from the Podium

Viktor Davidovski (1st): “I’m very happy, For me, this is the first victory of my career and so I’m very happy. I made a very good start and after the first lap I made a gap so then I was slightly more relaxed and I could focus on the race. I was a little nervous but I focussed on my pace and as a result I was able to do my best to win.”


Klim Gavrilov (2nd): “The race was really good. I had a good start but then I had a little accident in the first corner and I had nowhere to go except straight on so I had to give back the position. After that, I was trying to chase Davidovski – I think I had a little advantage over him on each lap, but it wasn’t enough for me to overtake him. I knew I couldn’t quite pass him, so I would close the gap to him and then open out again a little not to confuse him. I knew I had Pepe and Tom behind me and I knew that if I fought with Davidovski I could lose a couple of places in a single corner.”


Pepe Oriola (3rd): “I think I did the best I could, knowing that the Audis and CUPRAs are faster on the straights because they have more power than us. On this track, it’s really demanding on the power. I think I did a good job to stay out of trouble on Lap 1. I went wide because Isidro braked too late into Gavrilov and we both went out. After that, I just tried to keep up with the first two but then I saw Girolami coming and over the final few laps Tom was just flying. I’m really happy with the job I did, scoring in every race and in the top five in the championship. It’s my goal to stay like this and fight for the title.”


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