Le Castellet Race 2: Quotes from the podium

Le Castellet Race 2: Quotes from the podium

Kobe Pauwels (winner): “It was a great race; I got a good start and moved up from P8 to P3 in the first corner, and I tried on the outside for T1 which gives the inside for T2, I was outside or alongside Viktor, but I decided to be smart and back out of it to avoid any collision within the team. I lost one place to Nico, but then for the chicane on the long back straight they all went defensive, they braked quite early and I moved on the outside of Nicola which game me then then the inside for the second part of the chicane, which then allowed me to get P3. A little fight between Levente and Viktor happened, then I managed to pass Viktor and only one car left. I ducked in the slipstream, got the inside into T1, we had some small contact I think I was already completely on the outside and he overshoot it a little bit, so I had to go off and from then on I was in the lead and increasing the lead lap by lap, managing the tyres and brakes and in the end I won by I think around 4 seconds, so it was a great race.”


Nicola Baldan (second): “I’m so happy again today! I had a very good start, but Kobe was just a little bit better than me; he was very good at the start. I did a couple of very good overtakes, I’m very happy about it because I’m even more confident with my TCR Europe pace. I’m coming back to the series, and its good to be fast right away. Congratulations to Kobe, he was very fast, I tried to reach him but he was faster today. I tried to keep the second position to the end. Thank you so much to all the Comtoyou crew, these last three days they understand perfectly what I needed, and they support me very well all the time.”


Tom Coronel (third): “I had to be gentle especially in the beginning, as I had to think about the championship points. I wasn’t as aggressive as the other two because I had to think about the traffic. It was tough to pass Comte, he was defending quite a lot. He had the speed, he just made some mistakes with Davidovski, then I could benefit out of that battle, so that was a good one. It was one of those races where you have to say to yourself “wait, wait, be gentle, push, push, wait, wait” so I wasn’t in a racing mode, I was in a survival mode and that helped me. Still a trophy for P3, I was really pushing trying to do good lap times, so in the end I was for sure pushing and gently closing on the leaders, but by then they had made the gap and that was it.”


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