Pau Qualifying: Quotes from the Paddock

Pau Qualifying: Quotes from the Paddock

Viktor Andersson (fastest): “Pole is always nice, but I think pole position on a street circuit is something else. You need one hundred per cent focus all the way around this lap and so putting it on pole is just perfect. This was the first real dry session we’ve had; yesterday was crazy weather but it felt good from the first lap and we improved on almost every lap, so it worked out pretty well and I’m happy. Of course, pole is the best starting position because it’s difficult to overtake around here but at the same time if you get behind there are a lot of places to make mistakes as well. Twenty laps this afternoon will be a big challenge; we don’t know the race pace, the tyre degradation and everything. We will see, but for sure we’re in the best starting position.”


Dušan Borković (second): “This is a new circuit for almost everybody except Coronel and maybe Filippi. The pity was yesterday we only had dry conditions on the final few laps and I had some traffic on those laps so I didn’t know how much I could push because if you make a mistake here you’re in the wall. In Q1 I just wanted to discover the track and it was good and I was P1. Then when I wanted to push a little bit more I over-drove a little bit – it’s quite easy to over-drive here so in the end P2 was good. The team did a good job and the car was in a really good condition. We’re still missing a little in the last sector compared to the others. I really don’t know what I can do in the race, it all depends on the start and all of us have to be smart to avoid crashes in the first corner. If I’m on the podium I will be really happy – I missed that in Portimão, as I couldn’t push in the first race after a problem with my differential and then in the second race I had a collision, so this race could be perfect for my sponsors, for Serbia and my fans. I think they would all be happy if I can finish on the podium.”


Kobe Pauwels (third):“I’m feeling really happy with how we got on. We seem to be far off the pace, but with forty kilos extra compared to the two guys in front with zero is a hard task around here, especially with the uphill section after Turn 2. But I think we got the most out of it; we got good points, good starting positions for both races and most importantly we lose some weight for Spa. With only eleven cars, you might expect to only go out once with new tyres in Q1, but I really needed the experience with new tyres on this track which is why we decided to go out twice with new tyres. Yesterday it was raining in FP1 and then drying in FP2 so we really used Q1 as a test and to get familiar with the track and with the limits Pau has. It was good, quite fun but a little bit tricky in places.”


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