Pau Race 2: Quotes from the podium

Pau Race 2: Quotes from the podium

Tom Coronel (first): “This is normal for me - I’m always very excited when I win races, happy that everything worked out. It was still really dodgy; Davidovski got a flat tyre and after that I was not confident with the tyres. I told the guys that I had to be clever to be fast in just the right places. That’s what I did – I was always fastest in the last sector because that’s the only place where you can overtake. In the middle of the race, I had a lot of understeer at high speed and I thought I had a problem, so I started to slow down. Then I saw the others were pushing and I thought ‘okay, now you are using your tyres’. In the end, you can control it. It was also part of our strategy, to lose weight for Spa; I got good points and I lost the weight, so I think everything went really well. You know me – to win races by ten seconds is boring! Of course, I’m cautious because I know who is behind me but I’m not the kind of driver who enjoys driving away for ten seconds. I would rather finish second with a big fight than to win with a big gap.”


Dušan Borković (second): “I said yesterday that I would be happy with a podium finish today but honestly I thought it would be impossible. Miracles do happen! I had a really good start and I put my nose into the rear of Pauwels’ car and he was trying to push me; I was heading for a wall but he moved. After that I overtook him and then I had a little touch from someone, but I was able to keep going and then again put my nose into Filippi in a slightly risky move and we were touching a little bit and I overtook him. I could see that in the first and second sectors where there are a lot of corners we were very good but in the last sector Coronel was pulling away. He drove a fantastic race with no mistakes and I didn’t want to risk my points. I’m super-happy with the race and I would like more of these races! I enjoyed all the corners but I didn’t like the straights today because the Audi was more powerful. I’m grateful to the team for giving me a car which gave me so much confidence. Thanks to my family who are here and my fans watching at home in Serbia.”


John Filippi (third): “I’m happy with P3, especially when you consider my pace over the weekend and how much I suffered here. I got quite good points, I don’t know the gap with Tom but it’s not like what I was expecting when I saw my pace in Free Practice, so it’s quite good. I’m not at the top of what I can show and this is a problem, but I limited the damage and the consequences for the Championship. I’m not focussed on the game of losing weight. Every time I jump in the car, I want to do my maximum. I’m not the kind of driver that plays or does strategies – unfortunately I have a disadvantage for Spa but what I want to do is jump into the car and be the fastest.”


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