Quotes from Race 1 podium finishers

Quotes from Race 1 podium finishers

Attila Tassi (winner): "It has been a perfect day for me, for sure! The car was simply perfect since qualifying and it's nice to be able to reward the team for all their hard work. We really made a lot of progress throughout the season and now it pays off. Clearly, it would have been nice to be at this stage of competitiveness earlier in the season, but it's good to finish so strong. Tomorrow, we still have a job to finish and we will see..."

Dusan Borković (second): "The result is not too bad, but it was not an easy race. I lost a lot of time in the initial laps behind the Honda cars, which I understand given the championship situation, and my tyres got destroyed in the fight with Files. In the final laps, I even thought I had a slow puncture in one of the rear tyres, but then there was a strange noise coming from the back and there was a lot of oversteer, so there must be something mechanical, we need to check. I was lucky to finish. Tomorrow, we will see, the objective is to keep at least the runner-up position."

Norbert Michelisz (third): "It was an interesting race, especially at the beginning were I got hit a couple of times, notably during the safety-car period. I think the guy behind me did not notice the board... All in all, I am very satisfied and confident for tomorrow. The team is doing a good job and it is always a pleasure to drive for M1RA !"   

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