Quotes from the podium of the second race

Quotes from the podium of the second race

Francisco Mora (1st): “Obviously, I’m very, very happy. I knew I had the chance but I also knew that the other cars would be very fast. Yesterday I was very fast but couldn’t finish the race because of a small problem so I was under a lot of pressure to start from the front row. I made a good start and defended from Briché, but then I got passed by Abreu and we started to pull away from the rest. I overtook him in a fair fight and after that I knew I could do it. The team did a fantastic job and I think was amazing that we would finish 1-2. Dániel and I are good teammates, we learn from each other and it’s very motivating for me. I scored more points in this race than I’ve scored in the rest of the championship. I hope this is a new beginning for the rest of the season.”

Dániel Nagy (2nd): “I would like to say thanks to the M1RA team; this was a very important race, not just for me but for the whole team. We are all Hungarians and so I am so very happy for them to see two cars crossing the finish line in first and second. It was one of the hardest races of my career. Maybe from the outside it looked easy, but in the first part of the race when we were fighting with the Peugeot it was really tough. The Peugeot cars were very quick on the straight but they weren’t so good in braking. It was tough to see a good chance but not damage the car when overtaking them. It was a situation where I could have ended up fifth or sixth but I managed it. I’m very happy for ‘Cico’ my teammate Francisco because he deserved the victory.”

Josh Files (3rd): “We had good performance and a strong car throughout the race. I had a good start, but then I got hit from behind. I don’t know if Borković out-braked himself or something, but he hit me really hard in the back and I lost a few places to Attila and Abreu. I took advantage when they were all fighting and got into third and then drove off. That was good but we couldn’t catch the M1RA cars. I decided after a lap or so to concentrate on keeping third which was a good result for us. It was a decent reward for the team after the season we’ve had so far so I’m more than happy with that.”

Dávid Bari (Team Manager, M1RA Racing): “This is just amazing; to win in front of our home crowd, in front of our families and in front of our supporters and sponsors. I’m so proud, because all the guys worked incredibly hard, not just before this weekend. It’s a really good feeling and I’m so proud of both of the drivers because they made no mistakes during the race and they did exactly what we discussed. They were quick, they were sharp and they were good. Thanks to them and thanks to the entire team.”

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