Quotes from the top-three drivers in Qualifying

Quotes from the top-three drivers in Qualifying

Mat’o Homola (1st): “I honestly didn’t expect to be P1 because we struggled a bit yesterday with the car and my driving compared to the test we did here before the season. I worked on my driving a little bit and also on the car and it worked out. I improved my driving throughout every Qualifying run and the last one was really good. Still small mistakes but I was pushing in every corner, so it was a really good lap. It’s also really good for the team because they’ve done a really good job in preparing the cars, so they deserve it. The Qualifying points are good, but the biggest number of points is in the race, so both of us will be focusing on the race pace and we’ll try to score as many points as possible.”

Mike Halder (2nd): “I’m very happy with P2. Q1 was very hard for us; the first run I was right on the limit, absolutely maximum and then we changed something on the setup, and I said okay, maybe it will be much better, or I will lose everything for Q2. Now we can see that it was the right decision to make the change and the car was fantastic. It was the maximum we have but it’s a very small gap to pole position, so I’m very proud of my team that we have such a good car for this weekend. Hopefully we will have a good start in Race 1, and we can maybe repeat the result we had here in 2018 but we have to focus on points for the championship, so we have to stay safe.”

Daniel Nagy (3rd): “I’m not expecting an easy race to be honest, if you look at the gaps between me and the guys ahead and the guys behind, we can expect a really tough race. It’s always tough to race here in Barcelona because the tyre wear is so high, so we needed to change a lot on the car. I’m really happy because this is my best Qualifying result this year; I think the pole was there because we did a fastest second sector and we were always quick in sector three, but this time it wasn’t perfect from my side and so it’s a little bit of mixed feelings because of that. I’m still really happy for the team, we did P1 and P3 and I have to say congratulations to Mat’o. I would say I would like the weather to stay dry, because we are confident with the dry setup, but I’m a big fan of heavy rain and so if it rains let it be really heavy and then I’ll enjoy myself!”

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