Ruben Volt leads ALM Motorsport 1-2 in dramatic second race at the Salzburgring

Ruben Volt leads ALM Motorsport 1-2 in dramatic second race at the Salzburgring

Ruben Volt led the second ALM Motorsport 1-2 finish of the season in Race 2 at the Salzburgring, finishing ahead of his team-mate Levente Losonczy, while third for Aurélien Comte put the French driver back in the lead of the standings after Franco Girolami hit trouble.


Giovanni Scamardi started from pole position in his SP Compétition CUPRA, while Volt made a great start from second on the grid and was challenging on the way down into Turn 1, when Scamardi locked up and cut the chicane to miss the tyre stacks, rejoining ahead of Volt who had his Civic’s nose ahead going into the corner.


Ruben Fernández had held on to third by the end of the first lap in his GOAT Racing Honda, but he was passed on the back straight on lap two by Losonczy’s Honda, while Scamardi relinquished his ill-gotten position to Volt before Turn 9.


Comte was now fifth behind Fernández, with Girolami having already moved up from tenth to sixth in his Monlau Motorsport CUPRA.


On lap four there was drama into Turn 1, as Losonczy nudged the tyre stack, while Comte and Girolami made minor contact battling into the corner, with Girolami cutting the chicane and rejoining behind him.


On lap six, Losonczy moved up to second place ahead of Scamardi’s CUPRA, while Rubén Fernández made an error at the end of the lap and fell behind both Comte and Girolami.


A few corners later and the race was over for Fernández as he locked up and crashed out on the way into Turn 4, with significant damage to the left side of his Honda Civic, and the race was first suspended behind the safety car and then red-flagged.


When the race resumed on lap 11, Girolami was back on the offensive, now for fourth place with Comte, and he tried to go around the outside of both Comte and Scamardi into Turn 5.


Comte was able to keep the position on the way into Turn 9, while at the start of the next lap, Girolami dived down the inside of Comte into the Turn 1 chicane, but lost it on the exit and hit the barriers, dropping to last place.


Comte then put a move on team-mate Scamardi with two laps to go at Turn 10 to grab the final podium spot, while the Belgian lost one more position to top Rookie driver Ignacio Montenegro on the final lap at the same corner, falling to fifth at the finish.


Volt’s win catapults him up to fourth in the standings, while Comte has taken back the lead of the championship by one point over Girolami heading to next month’s round at Spa-Francorchamps.


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