Spa Race 2: Quotes from the podium

Spa Race 2: Quotes from the podium

Jáchym Galáš (1st):“It feels amazing, especially at Spa where my idol Michael Schumacher won his first race, and now I’ve won my first race here. About the race itself; first of all, I had a great start and the Elantra is a rocket ship when you nail it! I managed to pull away at the start, had a good entry into Turn one where thanks to that I had a good exit, and that was the route to the victory. I managed to build up a small margin, and that was the crucial point. Surely this will help as now I know that it is possible to win, and I have proven it to myself. It’s all more motivation to move on and perform like this at every single race.”


Mat’o Homola (2nd):“It was a great race and my congratulations to Jáchym. He’s young, he’s fast and he’s a good kid, a great driver. He’s proven it today, and I’m happy for him, I’m happy for the team and for sure we needed this. We are a small team from the Czech Republic, and now we have proven we can win races, we can be the fastest ones. In my race, the most important thing I want to mention is that I finally managed to finish the race, because this is only my second race finish from six. Finally some good points and the most important thing was to have a good start and support the overall team effort.”


Tom Coronel (3rd):“I started from P2 so I lost a place. My start wasn’t brilliant then I got hit a few times into La Source, which lost me a lot of speed onto the straight and I couldn’t attack. From the second lap on, the Hyundais were just faster and I had no chance to close them on the straight. That was it really, very happy with P3 and yesterday was P5, so good points, clever driving and a good weekend. For having Rocco (Tom’s son) on the podium, I didn’t see it coming; I just heard ‘Rocco Coronel to present the trophy’! The good thing is, here in 2014 Rocco was also on the podium, he was 3 years old, so I took him on my shoulders at that race, and now we do it again. It will be going on social media soon...”


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