Spa Qualifying: Quotes from the top three

Spa Qualifying: Quotes from the top three

Felice Jelmini (fastest): “I’m so happy. The car was amazing today - we started work yesterday to find the right set-up and I felt so good from the very first laps in Qualifying. I have to say a huge thank you to the team, I’m so happy. I had to abort my first quick lap in Q2 after I made a mistake at Eau Rouge and I cut the corner, so I had to save the tyres to push again. The feeling with the car was good and I tried to do another good lap. We changed the set-up a little bit after the previous races and now I feel better in the car in terms of confidence. I made a few mistakes during my lap but I’m happy. Pole position is good every time!”


Mehdi Bennani (2nd): “We were all very close at the start of Q2, we tried for all four Hyundais together to see if we could get some slipstream but at the end the gap was too big between us. At the end we are P2 and my teammate Jelmini is P1 and so I want to say congratulations to him. Also it was a very good job by all the team, by Niels Langeveld and also from Sami Taoufik as he was P2 in Q1. I followed Sami at the start of Q2, I’m curious to see what he is doing; he is learning very quickly and the potential is there. I’m happy that I’m still staying with him and I’m looking to see where we can save him some tenths. Sometimes it’s not helpful to be alongside your teammate on the grid as you have exactly the same strategy, but normally we are clean with each other and so hopefully we will have a clean race.”


Mat’o Homola (3rd): “That was a perfect Qualifying session for us, I must say. Our goal was to be in the top ten for the reversed grid for Race 2 as we knew we are not the fastest on the straights. We made some changes and the Q2 lap was absolutely the maximum. There was nothing left, even in Eau Rouge. I’m super-happy with the work we’ve done and the whole team needed it. As you know, we’ve been struggling all season and P3 is the perfect result for us. We will fight for a podium in Race 1 – if I’m there, I will fight. We know our race pace is not so bad. Hopefully I can manage the tyres and fight to be on the podium, that’s why I’m here.”

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