What the Monza race winners had to say

What the Monza race winners had to say

Mikel Azcona, Race 1 winner: “I’m very happy with the win. But it was bad luck for Dáni Nagy, he was much faster than us in Race 1. I was really happy, as I started eighth on the grid and finished at the top. The races were really difficult with a lot of overtaking and a lot of crashes, at a very high level. When I was battling with Magnus, I was thinking it was better to let him have the position and fight for the podium and then when I saw him battling with Teddy Clairet on the last lap, I thought maybe this is the moment to attack, and I took the opportunity and overtook him and luckily I won the race. In Race 2 there were lots of accidents. I was driving in P3 and then I couldn’t finish the race as Baert crashed into me on the straight and I couldn’t do anything. It’s a shame, as I felt really strong at that moment and think I could have finished on the podium again. I feel really disappointed.”

Dániel Nagy, Race 2 winner: “I don’t know what happened in Race 1. I recorded the whole race and I’ll watch it back. I think this is the worst thing that can happen to an esports driver, I was leading the whole race and the game just crashed. It was really a nightmare. Race 2 was not an easy race. As you can imagine after Race 1 I was really frustrated, so I was really on it. I just rebooted myself and my mind and was just concentrating. I was trying to be really careful, but sometimes I had some big pushes from behind and almost lost the car. It was a scary race, but I am really happy to win after what happened to me in Race 1. I wanted to be really careful and give a clean race for the fans and supporters.”

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