Zandvoort Race 1: Quotes from the podium

Zandvoort Race 1: Quotes from the podium

Tom Coronel (1st): “I think that was all right! At the start, I touched the limiter a little so I lost a little bit and Nico (Baert) was able to pass me. After that I was a few times alongside Nico but we respect each other and so I thought it was no problem. Finally I dived to one side and then the other and I never expected him to stay on the outside because it’s dirty there but I felt him next to me and we touched. Then I wanted to talk directly to the team on the radio but I hit the Full Course Yellow button instead and Borkovič passed me. Finally I passed Borkovič on the inside of the Tarzan corner and then I could see I was catching Young as he wasn’t consistent. When I was behind him, I dived to the inside and that worked. This is what we are here for. We know the consistency is there, we know the speed is there but it all has to come together and sometimes that’s a little bit difficult but finally we did it.”


Jack Young (2nd): “It was a tough race from start to finish. The Audis at the start were right on my bumper; I don’t know what happened between Tom and Nicolas but it gave me some breathing space and then I started to relax a little. The guys came on the radio and told me to go faster because Tom was coming, so I pushed and pushed but in the end he was so fast. Fair play to him, he drove a brilliant race and deserved to win but we’ll see what will happen tomorrow. We’re still at the learning curve stage of my career so hopefully in the years to come I’ll improve and have some proper battles. There were definitely more positives than negatives from that one and I’m excited for Race 2.”


Dušan Borkovič (3rd): “I didn’t really know what the pace would be because I didn’t test here. I knew that Tom would be fast here but I didn’t know that he would be so incredibly fast! At the beginning, I saw that I could keep P3 but at the end the tyres weren’t so good, particularly in the second sector, and Niels was closing up on me. I could keep him away in the first and third sectors but in the slower corners it was not so good and so we have to work on that. Anyway, I’m happy with the result. It’s my first year with the Audi and the first year with a new team; Comtoyou are doing a really good job, and so I want to thank them, my sponsors, Serbia and my family for supporting me so much. We’re still not halfway through the season yet and so I hope we can have more of this kind of result in the rest of the year.”

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